T-MEC generates new opportunities for transport in Mexico.

The new treaty between Mexico, USA and Canada, known as T-MEC, has substituted the old agreement NAFTA, parting from July 1st of 2020.

For Mexico, the T-MEC represents a world of new opportunities in logistics and transport, that will allow a more agile, automatized and diversified transport between the borders of its member countries.  All logistics actors will be benefited, not forgetting that they must adjust and update their processes to continue to operate in the new reality.

Although Mexico holds a geographic advantage due to its closeness to the USA, a market to which many international companies aspire to reach, there are still opportunities for improvement to satisfy the improved demand brought by this agreement.

Between the important advantages developed in the last few months thanks to T-MEC, and in part due to the COVID-19 contingency, we find that information technology are among the most favored. These have been forced to develop new infrastructure to bring greater confidence to service providers in the supply chain, specifically regarding paperless work and transparency.

With the treaty, transport companies will be able to dedicate their efforts to border transport for cargo or passengers, being subject to permission from the department of transportation (DOT). Balancing the conditions with companies in either country.

Other advantages have to do with: cost reduction, conveniency in labor subjects, utilization of work capital, reduction of transit up to 75% among others.

The new treaty has modernized the trade ecosystem in North America for the better, after remaining without change for over 25 years.

It is important for Mexico to convince the USA and Canada, that thanks to T-MEC, and the strength of existing supply chains, it can sustain its place as a key player in the North America productive region. This way, american, canadian and any country companies investing in Mexico, may see it not as offshoring, but nearshoring to become a part of this North American community.

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